The Farstad Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports and awards grants in the broad areas of education and childhood development, animal protection, health & wellness, veteran services and aviation scholarships.


Protect Animals Who Cannot
Protect Themselves

The Farstad Foundation is committed to providing assistance to organizations in the caring for and protection of animals. We believe that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and some, sadly, must be protected.

We support a variety of organizations across the United States that directly care for and protect animals. We believe in assisting organizations that prevent animal homelessness, assist in pet adoption, provide veterinary services, animal rehabilitation and education and prevention of animal cruelty.

Our goal is to create caring communities that acknowledge the relationship between animal welfare and human development.


Helping Dreams Take Flight

An aviation scholarship can mean the difference between someone abandoning or achieving their dream of becoming a pilot or working in the aviation industry. Our goal is to provide advancement of aviation through education, scholarships, and support from other pilots and aviation professionals.

Our Aviation Scholarship is offered through the Dakota Territory Air Museum. This Museum in Minot, ND was founded in June of 1986 with the incorporators’ dream and desire to provide the most comprehensive aviation facility in the state and region. In the time since the museum’s dedication, the members have built a solid foundation, establishing a working museum with aircraft, restoration projects and a role in the region’s promotion of aviation activities, air shows and education.


Unlocking Creative Potential
Through Art and Education

We believe in the importance of childhood education and development. Our goal is to provide access to educational opportunities so children of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from the endless possibilities that learning has to offer. Areas we support include art and reading workshops, after school programs, and a variety of other developmental opportunities for kids and young adults.

We believe that children can only reach their full potential when all aspects of their development (intellectual, emotional and physical) are optimally supported. We support programs that relate to every aspect of a child’s development and everywhere a child learns – at home, in childcare settings, schools, camps and after-school programs. We also believe that every child deserves a fair chance at success in school and life. Focusing on a child’s education and development is the most effective way to help children reach their full potential, now and in the future.

One of the largest initiatives that we support is the Creative Plains Foundation. Creative Plains Foundation is a non-profit that is dedicated to helping spark creativity in children through art, reading and education.


Improving the Quality of Life
for Members of our Community

The Farstad Foundation is committed to helping organizations and programs which provide opportunities to improve the overall health and wellbeing of adults and children. Areas we provide support include mental health, addiction, nutritional support, medical care, domestic violence, and other areas involving health and wellness.

We believe health to be a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Wellness, is the state of optimal health and well-being, achieved through the active pursuit of good health and the removal of barriers to healthy living (both personal and societal). We believe that we can promote health by mobilizing to reduce violence, increase mental health awareness, reduce addiction, confront environmental health hazards, open up new opportunities for youth and create equitable access to quality health care. By engaging individuals, schools, communities, and organizations to share solutions to healthy living, over time, collective success will be scaled to a greater number of people.


Serving Those Who Served
Our Country

The Farstad Foundation is committed to supporting, honoring, and serving the unaddressed needs of today’s military personnel, veterans and their families. Their sacrifice and service to our country are deserving of our support.

Our focus is to help provide access to needed services and support. Whether that support is connecting veterans to needed health care or aiding them in finding suitable employment we believe that providing support helps veterans successfully transition from their military careers to healthy, productive civilian lives.