The Farstad Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports and awards grants in the broad areas of education and childhood development, animal protection, health & wellness, veteran services and aviation scholarships.


We believe in the fundamental right of dignity for all people and animals. Our goal is to empower members of our community through educational opportunities, supporting health and wellness initiatives, providing services for veterans and protecting the rights of animals. We do this by awarding grants to a variety of local and national organizations that support these causes.


The Farstad Foundation was started by Jeff and Kathy Farstad in 2016 as a way to give back to the people in their community. Their financial donation allows the foundation to support a variety of organizations including Creative Plains Foundation, Dakota Territory Air Museum, Children’s Cancer Research Fund, Humane Society, United Way, and other groups that are aligned with the foundation’s mission. We also rely on volunteer support from friends, family and the general public. Support from these community leaders allow Farstad Foundation to achieve its mission to support these valuable organizations and institutions.


Jeff Farstad


Christine Jaeger

Secretary & Treasurer

Teresa Coleman

Community Outreach Director

Kathy Farstad


Shane Farstad